Why is it called "Dry" Cleaning?

  • Dry Cleaning is a process where garments are cleaned without water. They are fully submersed in a chemical called perchloroethylene or “perc”. Perc is a powerful solvent and can remove many stains. Your garments go into our top of the line machines dry, are cleaned using perc and gentle detergents, and are then dried in the same machine. This is why the process is referred to as “Dry" Cleaning.

Why does it cost more to clean a ladies blouse than a men’s shirt?

  • The style of a men’s dress shirt has remained constant for decades. The Average dry cleaner cleans hundreds of shirts which are the same style every day. For this reason automated presses have been made which are specially designed to press men’s shirts. No such machine exists for the finishing of ladies blouses, so each blouse requires hand finishing.

Do I really have to follow the care label?

  • Yes! Manufacturers put the recommended care instructions on their clothing because that is what the garment has been tested to withstand. Any deviation from the care instructions and you risk a multitude of potential problems from shrinking to color change or loss of surface texture. If your garment is "Dry Clean Only" that's where we come in.

Can you clean my leather and suedes?

  • Yes! We are partnered with one of Canada's best Leather and Suede cleaners, Love your Leather. All items are carefully measured prior to cleaning, are gently cleaned, pressed and returned looking great. We can even process your favorite shoes or purse and have it looking good as new. Why buy a new designer purse when we can restore the one you love at a much lower cost!

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