Since 1943, we have been helping people look and feel their best. We love our customers, and are unwaivering in our commitment to quality.


Our Mission

Provide excellence in Dry Cleaning and Laundry services, with an emphasis on customer care.


Dry Cleaning

  • At Don Schelew Dry Cleaning we can handle all of your “Dry Clean Only” items. We understand the uniqueness of each piece of clothing, and understand which process is best suited for any item. We are constantly working to remain environmentally friendly, and with cutting edge technology are striving to provide only the best care for your clothes.


  • We take great care in the processing of all our customers shirts. All collars and cuffs are scrubbed,  shirts are washed using top of the line techniques and shirts can be starched if the customer desires. After cleaning, shirts are pressed using one of the world’s best and most efficient shirt presses. Each shirt is then inspected; if there are any remaining stains on the shirt it is sent for special processing, and any remaining wrinkles are touched up before packaging.

Pick up & Delivery

  • We know your time is valuable, and even with all our convenient locations it can be hard to find the time to drop by. Give us a call at 902.453.5558 to arrange for pickup and delivery service to your home or office!


  • Your Wedding day is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life, so why not have your Wedding gown preserved for generations? Our Wedding gown package includes hand cleaning and pressing, and preservation in a tasteful display box which will keep your dress white for years to come. Our cleaning methods are tailored for your individual dress, and we take care to make sure all dresses look flawless. Before the big day our expert finishers can have your dress looking perfect, so you can remember this day forever.


  • Drapes and window dressings add a touch of class to any home, and because of this they are more than just a decoration, they are an investment. At Don Schelew’s we understand that, and we will treat your drapes and window dressings with the highest care and respect. We can handle almost any type of drape, and understand the special processes required to keep your drapes and window dressings looking their best.

Industrial Services

  • We don't just clean, we can also provide your business with top of the line uniforms, chef coats, aprons, floor mats and more! Whether you're in the food services, hospitality or health care industry, we have a solution for you. If you own your own attire we can arrange a pickup and delivery schedule to suit your needs and offer a local touch and quality promise that the large uniform providers simply can't.